Monday, June 30, 2014

Long overdue updates!

Well it's...holy moly THREE years later! And somehow, the Bureau of Unclaimed Secrets is still kicking around.

Burning Man 2011 was quite a success. Here's a blog post from a participant - I love it! :) I felt I connected with lots of people and I ended up with some really amazing secrets. Since then the project has evolved a bit.

I took the unclaimed secrets to Chicago's 2011 Decompression event. I did a 1 for 1 secret exchange...I simply laid secrets out on the floor and invited people to take one in exchange for leaving one. It was a hit! I did the same thing at the 2011 Burners Without Borders Winter Ball.

Then the project took a bit of a backseat. I became a primary organizer for Lakes of Fire and found that trying to do a project at an event you're organizing just doesn't really work.

I once again did a secret exchange at Chicago's Decompression event in 2013...this time I set up a table and got dog tags without the year on them. Once again, it was big hit. I was surprised to find I still had fans from the last time! :)

So I have decided to dust off the original concept for Mosaic 2014. It will be a new event for me, and somewhat of a new community. I'm looking forward to connecting with a whole new group of people.

I realized that I have been carrying around a stack of secrets for almost 3 years. It feels a bit like a burden and a bit like an honor. I have read them (I read them when I get home and remove items that are not legitimately secrets), and I know how heavy some of them are. How full of joy and pain and anger and raw emotion. It's pretty humbling.

And I'm looking forward to getting more. :)