Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Secret Storage

I went back and forth a billion times about how to store secrets.  I considered some kind of filing drawers, tool organizers, shipping boxes with dividers...all kinds of stuff.  Most things were either just too big or too cost-prohibitive.  I was planning on doing the shipping box and divider plan, something like this:

...except it was hard to find a decent price for the size I wanted.  Everything was either too big (made for storing glasses or bottles while shipping) and/or too expensive.  There's also the moop factor...cardboard doesn't weight could easily fly away, get wet (I learned last year that the playa is NOT safe from rain!), rip or tear, etc.  Plus I wanted to be able to collect upwards of 200 secrets at a time, and 200 little slots...whew...that's a lot of cardboard boxes.  I found a $20 set of 5 dividers with 36 partitions each on eBay, so I pulled the trigger on that.  But I still needed to come up with 5 individual 12"x12"x6" boxes (no idea where I could find those)...and it still didn't feel like *quite* what I wanted.

Then one day, while scouring my local Goodwill, I happened across these cassette tape organizers:

Apologies for the bad picture, but you get the idea.  Lightweight but sturdy, relatively compact (they are like 3'x3'), 100 slots each...they can be painted, decorated, then wrapped in a blanket and shipped out with my freight.  And did I mention they were $4 each?  I LOVE the Goodwill.  :D


  1. If you think that might not be enough secret storage, I've got around 500 CDs worth of CD storage space in 3 wooden cases like those.


  2. brad, i don't suppose you have a picture? or dimensions? it sounds like your cases might be better!