Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The burner-run website Playatech provides plans and instructions for flat-pack plywood furniture that works great for Burning Man and camping in general.  Recently our friend Eric helped me and John make 2 chairs and a table based on their plans.  For our BRC project, I plan to make another table (maybe two) and at least another two chairs for our lounge area.  Although the process of marking and cutting can be a little maddening, it was a fun team-building exercise and we were quite pleased with the results.

john & eric, hard @ work
the chairs are big enough for little people like me to curl up.  :)

yep, that's a chair!

eric enjoying the fruits of his labor

We took our new furniture to Lakes of Fire, and it was amazing.  Sturdy, sustainable, easy to put together and take apart and relatively cheap (we used 2 sheets of 3/4" and 1 sheet of 1/2").  We camped with a bunch of friends who also brought Playatech furniture...6 benches and a bar for our camp, S'moregasm (which was a huge hit).  Here are shots of the goods in action:

it was that kid's first s'mores ever.  :)

stilts + marshmallows + booty
One of the other great things about this stuff is that since it's all wood and doesn't use any glue or hardware, you can burn it at the end of the week.  We didn't need to do that at LoF, and we probably won't do it for the big burn either, but if you're tight on space, it's something to keep in mind.  Overall, I highly recommend the stuff.  If you are looking to furnish a camp, it's a great option!


  1. yeah, we were really pleased. and they can be painted, stickered, drawn on, whatever. fun stuff! :)