Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I was able to get some really amazing tags for our participants.  I can't wait to start handing them out!  :)

Just a little over a month before we head out to the playa, and we're getting very excited!  :)

Still left to do:
- modify Amtrak tickets for early arrival
- decorate the secret storage boxes
- finish up the number tags (these will accompany the swag tags above and will allow access to specific secrets)
- QA and finalize the sound project
- finish up flat pack furniture (2 more chairs, 1 more table)
- add grommets to the side walls of our shade structures (sorry Costco, the velcro is just *not* cutting it) (these have been bought, will install on the playa)
- procure bungee ball ties for said side walls
- figure out how to get from Reno to BRC on Friday, 8/26
- pack and deliver freight to Chicago (we are shipping our freight with the amazing guys from Monster Wheel Grand Prix)
- pack personal items and board the train!

After a LONG weekend of moving and unpacking (yes, I moved this weekend), I feel like we are a little behind, but there's still a month left to get things finished up.

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